Other Projects

Dar Al Iman Orphanage has other projects running in and around Pakistan and has helped in the relief of many affected victims of the Earthquake & Floods in Pakistan & Kashmir in the recent years, Alhamdulillah. Since the devasting floods in NWFP we have built new housing that was damaged and other required structures for needy victims.

We also provide medical assistance for the poor and needy, an example of this is the medication needed for a kidney transplant patient that needs £333 of medicine a month to survive, insha’Allah, the patient has an income of £66 from which he supports his wife, children and mother.

Dar Al Iman also provides financial assistance to widows in need, by providing rations for the widows and their children, in hard to reach rural areas on a monthly basis.

We also provide water wells for those who need them.

Please contact us or donate if you wish us to help, if we are able, in any relief work for the poor & needy in Pakistan & Kashmir or donate to any of our worthy projects, insha’Allah.

How You Can Help

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